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writing your future one page at a time

Group coaching returns  in summer 2023 with three sessions over the summer, all via Zoom.  These sessions are FREE for current members and just $25 each for others. Groups will be kept small so everyone can participate. 

Registration will open in late May.

"Lauri is very professional, efficient, has great ideas and strategies and knows how to implement them right away."

"Lauri is AMAZING,
knows her stuff, and
is worth every penny."

"...a service that is unmatched by any others in the business of vocal performance."

Why coaching?

Every artist needs an occasional boost...

Working with an experienced mentor can help you explore your wildest dreams, build your business, and plumb your own depths.

Whether you need a sounding board, growth resources or a cheerleader, a coach can be the missing piece in your success.

Book a one-on-one session

...and sometimes, the hivemind is what gets you to the next level

Our group coaching program was born during pandemic isolation, but has proven itself an effective tool for brainstorming, finding support, feeling less alone on the artistic path, and perhaps even finding a collaborator or two.  These sessions are offered as an occasional series, e.g. our Summer 2024 sessions. More details to come.

How it works

A buddy on the biz side

These are not music lessons, but business-minded individual sessions for brainstorming, career planning, marketing strategy, or just about anything you need as you put your creativity and future vision to work. It can also be a simple chance to talk with a friend in the field. The goal: ending the session with a clearer idea of where you're going, what you need, and what to do next.

Get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind, and we'll set up your payment, package (if you wish), schedule and Zoom link. Don't worry -- there's no hard sell and no commitment.  We're here to help:

Contact us to book your coaching

You're the key

While a coach can offer guidance, YOU set the goals for your session: we'll focus on what you need most. After your session, you'll get a personalized email with notes, links, resources and recommendations, depending on what we discussed. If you wish, we can also record your session for your own private use.

If you have questions or aren't sure this coaching is for you, please Contact us.

Contact us
(626) 344-7905

...or, send us an email

Mailing address:
527 N Azusa Ave, PMB 362
Covina, CA 91722-3502

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