Why we post what we do

Our approach

While our primary goal is always to help classical vocal pros grow and maintain long-term performing careers, there are many ways to craft that life, and we take a holistic approach to the jobs we add to our websites.  With less than 3% of active and qualified performers making a living solely with performance, we recognize that the “Patchwork Life” is a reality for most of our members, and many of them will perform part-time, but will do that for decades.  As a result, we have a carefully developed protocol for not only connecting and building relationships with SoCal presenters, congregations and other arts organizations, but we also execute an almost-daily “Trawl” for other listings posted on the internet, always endeavoring to include the original link in these posted listings, so you can see where they came from and the current status of those searches. And of course, we accept listings from members as well as a wide variety of hirers, including performers looking for subs, and those listings may come to us through a variety of means.

Diverse listings

In regard to style, while our screening process is designed to verify that our members are fully trained, skilled and experienced so they can handle standard classical vocal situations, our membership actually includes a wide variety of genres and skills, so we do post things that veer away from the classical realm from time to time, based on our understanding on who's "out there" and might be able to handle the gig.  All of this leaves our content very diverse in some ways, but very teaching-heavy in others.  This is a reflection of the real market, and and ongoing effort to simply keep our members moving in any way possible.

  • We list a lot of teaching jobs, but not because we think everyone teaches, or that they should teach.  As you probably know, there are far more teaching listings available in a given year, and most of our members do teach at some point in their careers.  We have helped many of our Listers connect with excellent educational positions over the years, and have even helped place dozens of our Listers at out-of-state colleges and universities in full-time positions.  We list these things because they are effective, and allow our Listers to continue performing through long careers.
  • We also list a significant number of arts-related “day jobs”, including administrative and other positions with arts organizations — mostly in Southern California, but occasionally elsewhere, depending on the position.  Again, we have many Listers who are skilled in many areas and do pursue arts advocacy and/or admin positions with presenters and other support organizations.  Again, these positions allow them to continue performing while maintaining a steady income and possible other benefits.
  • You'll also see off-classical positions including everything from church worship leaders to translators to volunteer hospice musicians.  We list these more unusual positions based on feedback and experience from our members, who have worked and enjoyed so VERY many different environments.  Sometimes we list things because we know they've worked for our members in the past.

Less-frequent listing types

There are some types of jobs that are highly valued and sought-after by our members that you won’t see often, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t helping to fill them.  Jobs like recording sessions, large-org chorus, principal roles, and concert solos do appear here from time to time, but are far more likely to be filled through strict audition protocols, by referral, or through networking and means other than an online listing.  Their approach may be due to personal preference, timeline, or organizational policy.  So we often work with organizations that work in these other ways, and are happy to help them source talent by whatever method that makes them most comfortable.

Your bottom line

While the List is very useful, no website will be the sole path to a \ full-time career.  Here are some recommendations to get the most out of your membership:

  • Keep us posted about your skills and progress, so we know what you’re capable of.  You can edit your profile whenever you wish, but we maintain confidential files on our Listers as well, so we can dip into additional information that might identify that you’re perfect for a specific job.  
  • Make sure you’re on audition mailing lists where they’re available.  Many opera companies, for instance, tend to reveal their audition plans to their own lists before they notify anyone else.
  • Take full advantage of workshops and coaching whenever you can.  The better we know you, the more effectively we can pitch you to others who need your specific bundle of skills.
  • Encourage your colleagues to refer jobs to us whenever you can.  The more Lauri’s List is top-of-mind when an opportunity opens up, the more jobs we’ll have for all of you.
  • Be networking, always.  This doesn't mean you have to be pushy or obnoxious -- just conscious and ready to build a lot of genuine relationships, built on trust.  Be you, be excellent, be honest, and be supportive of your colleagues, and that practice alone can make a significant difference to your performing schedule... because people will want to work with you.  Many times, it really is just that simple.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Feedback helps us make the List better, and questions can actually help clear obstacles.  You are not in this alone.

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