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Rebooting soon! 
Look for our interview with Pacific Chorale leadership, dropping Monday, August 29

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How can we help?


Connecting with our Listers is easy, and doesn't require membership.  Just send us a note and let us know what you need (with details!) and we'll post it for you, ASAP.

Extra attention:  Hirers might consider a Community membership.  It's quarterly, so you can join when you need it, but you're not locked in for a year unless you want to be.  You get the priority attention that all members get, and  we'll also pin your posts to the top of the boards for 48 hours.

INFO for all

Keeping you in the loop is a huge part of what we do: 

There are lots of ways that we help our community stay on top of arts news, trends, and even patterns within the Listerhood.  Pick your mix!


The blog, the podcast and our other resources can help you build your Bizbrain and your future.  But sometimes artists of all types need some extra help. 

With individual coaching sessions, group coaching, classes and more, we directly address issues and puzzles that performers and small arts organizations face in their day-to-day.

We're always updating and adding programs, so keep an eye on our coaching page!

What's new for members

  • Weekly member newsletter
  • Monthly download
  • Curated social shareables
  • Free coaching tools
  • Themed webinars in our Group Coaching program

There's more to come!

our new website is less than a year old, it's still just getting started!  Please check back often, to check out what's new and coming soon:

Features in the works

  • Live events -- schmoozes return in April!  (Fingers crossed!)
  • "Chatter board" for friendly discussion
  • Member resource library for DIY promotion of your projects
  • Featured Listers
  • Community photo slideshow

not just a mission

Lauri's List is more than a network.  We see these services as a calling.  While we're a tiny organization, our team genuinely cares about our "Listers", and we're here to help.  We connect people with jobs, and jobs with talented and qualified people.  We help classical vocal pros get better at the business side, and make themselves more marketable. We help presenters spread the word about what they're doing, so they can reach a broader audience — even if that promotion has to stay on a shoestring budget. We build and maintain active relationships with all kinds of organizations who hire classical singers, so we can not only help them find the best fit possible, but help our members grow into that fit for present and future gigs. 

We're about connection, mentoring and growth, so creative people can thrive.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question, need some help, have something to post or have an idea.
We really do want to hear from you.

Contact us

Contact us
(626) 344-7905

Mailing address:
527 N Azusa Ave, PMB 362
Covina, CA 91722-3502

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