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Our "Alt Pro" lists

  • March 16, 2023 12:18 AM
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    Lister Administrator (Administrator)

    We're working on our private referral lists, and you might like to be on them.  Please read the following and then complete the survey linked about halfway down if you believe you're eligible:

    A couple of things you should know about Lauri's List, and the clients we serve:

    1. Sometimes, someone is on the hunt for vocal talent, but absolutely does not want to post a listing on a website.  (There are often good reasons for this.)  So instead of turning those people away, we occasionally offer private referrals based on what they tell us they need.  This is not even a weekly occurrence, but does come up fairly regularly.  
    2. Other times, usually on very busy days like Easter or Christmas, our clients will ask us to "cast a broader net" and search for talent beyond our current member list.  Our Pro members always get first chance at these jobs. But if we need to look further, we have always maintained additional lists of former members and other people who have passed our screening process through various means.

    So we're reorganizing our "alternative" lists, and offering non-members a chance to qualify if they're interested in being part of that extended pool, at no charge. You still have to be pre-screened, and will not have access to the perks and access of a Pro member. BUT it might give you a shot at an occasional gig, and there is no charge for being on these lists.

    But I'm already a member...

    Current Pro members don't need to apply -- you already have access to all of it, and if your membership lapses, we'll add you to the Alt Pro lists automatically unless you opt out.

    How to sign up

    Just fill out this quick survey -- if you're already on our approved list, we'll confirm with you in a few days and you'll be be on these alternative lists. This is especially easy for our former Pro or Full members, as we already know you!

    If you haven't applied before or have gained eligibility since you last applied, we'll give you a chance to send us the information we need, and we'll process that application asap -- probably within about a week, including checking references.  (Since we'll be processing more applications at once, it will take a little longer than usual.)

    What happens next

    Currently, we'll either include you on selected email blasts about specific jobs, or will provide your email address to potential hirers as appropriate. We're exploring additional options for sharing information, but will keep you posted if our delivery methods change.

    Why we do this

    The goal is to make the List as useful as possible to the people who bring YOU jobs.  The easier we make it for them, the more opportunities we can bring to you.  So, please encourage your qualified friends to fill out the survey, and if someone needs a singer, accompanist, conductor or vocal composer, send them our way.  They do not have to be members to post or ask for referrals.  The List exists to fill a need, and hopefully we can continue to fill it in ways that benefit as many people as possible, on both sides of the transaction.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


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